Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review | You Should Try It

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review | You Should Try It

Many people are really very choosy in every aspect. They want something special as well as useful at the same time. Their trend isn’t different in the case of a road bike. They want unique style, utmost performance and cost effectiveness. I’m almost like them regarding my bikes!

I especially evaluate a road bike by its’ comfortable riding, smart & safe brake system and aesthetic value. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is of that type I require. There is much to explain about it, but I’m going to give a summary of this Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review- Features

Vilano Shadow Road Bike is a good choice for the riders for an affordable price. Overall features are extremely responsive to the demands of riders. This is why most users recommend others to buy this road bike. For your sake, an analysis of the main features are stated below-

Easier Gear Shifting

For a new biker, easy control of gear is very important as he might mess up on the road with others without good control. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike has a very good solution to this problem.

The Integrated Shimano Brake Lever Shifters make gear shifting easier for the beginner. Shimano is an exceptionally respected name in the world of biking so this one gets a major thumbs up for utilizing Shimano parts.

Strong Frame and Durable Fork

One of the most important characteristics of this Vilano Shadow Road Bike is its’ strength & steadiness. The frame of double butted 6061 aluminum with a built-in headset is a lightweight bit sturdy frame. Threadless 700c1 1/8” fork makes the Vilano Shadow steadier. The bike is thus very strong and durable.

Affordable Price

Like many other, I was on a very tight budget while buying and wasn’t ready to expand so much on a road bike. Not because I’m writing the Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review, but for saying the truth I must need to confess that the bike price was pretty low compared to my budget. It’s definitely a great feature attracted me to buy it.

The brakes on this bike are very precise and controllable. So, nothing is necessary to spend a huge amount of money on a device that won’t perform as you expect or last long. At all this bike is quite affordable even for the beginners who are trying to save for the sake of their future.

Vibration Level

The configuration of the bicycle is expected for lessening the impacts of the vibrations. This upgraded component permits the bicycle’s crucial parts to last any longer.

The vibrations are not totally eradicated with this configuration, but rather the impacts are altogether lessened. The bicycle, as a rule, is more improved and has a more attractive point of preference with respect to its life span.

The huge wheels that the bicycle comes outfitted with are tough and make the anxiety of bumpy roads less uncomfortable and upsetting. These attributes make for a more comfortable ride even in the midst of the not exactly great outline of the seating.


Before proceeding to write the Vilano shadow road bike review my teammate used the bike to check the performance of the drivetrain. It’s a 14 speeds aluminum road bike. This is a suitable speed for the beginners.

You can upgrade time to time to one with more speeds. The precise and controllable shifting and braking provided by Shimano STI shifters in just one unit show how compact the design of the drive train is.

Quick  and Easy Assembly

Another important feature of Vilano Shadow is quick assembly. You need few minutes to assemble once you receive the shipment. Because the bike comes partly assembled. Though the brakes may be assembled with the help of an expert for the best tuning.

Lightweight & Different Sizes

This bike is also very light in weight because of its durable but lightweight aluminum frame. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike has 3 different sizes. The small, medium &large consecutively of 50cm, 54cm and 58cm. So, there is an option for almost all category bike users.


  •  Easy affordable
  •  Free pedals
  •  Good set of wheels
  •  Easily accessible brakes
  •  Comfortable commuting
  •  Easy assembling
  •  Aerodynamic structure


  •  Seat isn’t enough padded
  •  Little bit complex brakes assembling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the frame sizes?

A: Small- 50cm, Medium- 54cm, Large- 58cm.

Q: Is there any of the bike parts missing while delivered?

A: It may be due to seller’s fault. You can contact us 855.438.2453 directly as Vilano believes in customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

So far I have analyzed this Vilano Shadow Road Bike, it’s clear to me that this bike is really safe for its STI Integrated Shifters while anybody is riding through roads. So this bike might be a significant choice to buy.

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