Vilano Forza 2.0

Vilano Forza 2.0 Road Bike Review

  • Frame: 6061 Double Butted Aluminum
  • Fork: 12k Carbon Fiber
  • Shimano Tiagra 9 Speed
  • 700C Double Walled Wheelset
  • Free Pedals Included

Vilano is popularly notorious to make the very most effective bikes available on the current market, and which comprises their version that was Shadow.

The Forza 2.0 is just a significant jump upward from the Shadow, since it’s ostensibly the next degree upgrade in the beginner motorcycle. While this will not seem all that impressive in first, the Forza 2.0 isn’t any step up bike.

With its mixture of fork, frame, and components, the Vilano Forza 2.0 can be actually really just a potent road-bike in every manner, also certainly will function much above what its cost range could initially signify.

This bike is more expensive for an intermediate driver who’s currently planning to upgrade to a motorcycle, also it supplies a excellent value seen along together with road bicycles in its own class.

If you should be searching to succeed past your entry bicycle, the Forza 2.0 will that and much more. Its components are quite impressive, and also fork and the framework give a base to you.


Vilano comes with a disadvantage so far as understanding goes. They are viewed by many as a manufacturer of newcomer road bicycles due to this Shadow’s popularity and success.

The Forza 2.0 demonstrates they’re capable of a lot longer, since this bike goes well beyond the entry category, also does so with flair.

Even the Forza 2.0 looks the segment of a high-street road bicycle, also provides a degree of quality which warrants the appearances. This starts with the framework , that will be forged out of aluminum.

The framework provides you most the most useful areas of a aluminum framework, including powerful bicycle efficacy, equilibrium, and also responsiveness which lets you have the road under you.

This unites with a carbon fiber fork which delivers some weight-savings, along with cushioning which permits a smoother ride.

When placed together, the Forza 2.0 offers you a luxury framework and fork combination you can hang on for decades in the future. The weight is approximately 2 4 pounds, and it is okay to get a street bike in this budget.

A couple of component upgrades can shave a few pounds later on.

The posture is more laidback, which makes the Forza 2.0 perfect for cruising and fitness. This provides you a position that so can be much easier on your spine, and delivers a selection of vision.

The drive train is made up of Shimano and Vilano. Tape and the fold are created by Vilano, giving rates to you to pick from.

That is. Locating the ideal gear is made a lot easier with each one of the options.

The Forza 2.0’s front derailleur is really just a Shimano Sora show, as the rear derailleur could be your marginally better Tiagra series. This amounts to an accurate and quick shift feel, that is quiet also.

The changing is done with brake lever shifters — a more quality of Vilano.

The wheelset of this Forza 2.0 is adequate enough, using CNC metal rims combined with some lower level Kenda 700c x 22c tires. All these really are somewhat thinner than some might prefer, however you’re essentially trading off strength and cushioning for a more reliable and faster ride.

Since it is rather comfortable to get a street bike in this budget, a finishing touch is provided by the Cionlli saddle. Many have said it’s the ideal saddle they have utilized to get a street bike.

The Forza 2.0 also includes elbows onto the pedals, and it is a wonderful step up from basic horizontal pedals.

When thinking of each of these aspects, the Forza 2.0 supplies a remarkable ride characteristic that’s normally seen with bicycles not exactly twice the purchase price.


The most obvious appeal to this Forza 2.0 could be your framework and carbon fiber fork combo. The impact moderation amount is certainly evident, and also having a portion of a carbon framework that gets the Forza 2.0 a street bike you are able to”grow” together with.

You are able to upgrade this bike on time using a fork and a frame which are good.

The caliber of the saddle, also together with included toe straps really helps you to further increase the Forza 2.0’s sense to be a lot higher than the usual off-road street bike. Even the 27 rates are useful, and this bike looks excellent, as we mentioned earlier in the day.


Wheels and the wheels appear to be really the only drawbacks for this particular bike. A lot of them may prefer something, although It’s possible to get with the CNC rims.

The comprised brake pads are not the best either, while they require a few pressure and have been a small spongy.

Buying Advice

This bike works well up, which means after having hired constructed, you will want to take it. You’re going to need brake pads that are better.


The Forza 2.0 demonstrates that Vilano excels in more than simply entry-level bikes. This is just actually really a workable midsize road bicycle in every manner, which comprises components and the framework.

Yes, there are but doing this just makes this bike.

If you’re interested in finding a fresh bike that may provide you significantly more compared to the main one that you began on, or whether you’re trying to find the greatest entry-level bicycle you will use for a long time to come, then the Forza 2.0 has readily got you covered.

Vilano Forza 2.0


The Vilano FORZA 2.0 is equipped with a 12K Carbon racing fork, Shimano Tiagra derailleur and shimano 9 speed sti shifters. This is an excellent choice for club rides, training and exercise.


Frame, fork, saddle



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