10 Things To Remember When Riding A Bike

10 Things To Remember When Riding A Bike

10 Things To Remember When Riding A Bike

Do you know the top 10 Things To Remember When Riding A Bike? Have you ever researched on it? I’m sure you will love to know a bit more on these.Cycling is a fascination to many like me, though it’s used for many purposes like day to day work or exercise! Maybe we have the best road bikes. But, very often we fail to comply with the necessary rules and to take required steps needed to complete a successful ride when riding a bicycle for the initial times.

To know the rules of the road and how these are applied is a vital thing for any cyclist as the common mistakes may turn into a serious suffering in result. To give you a head start, here’s a list of 10 top things to keep in mind when riding a bike.

1. Type of Route

Type of Route

When you are riding a bicycle you must be remember the capability of your bike whether it’s fit for the road you are going through or not.

For example, if you have a less shock absorbing road bike and you go through a very rough hilly terrain, then there is a big chance to fall in problem. If you don’t bother it, your bike may face serious technical problems and even be seriously damaged. You also may be injured as a result.

2. Bike Size

How is your bike size? Is it fit for you? If you feel it’s a bit more unfit and uncomfortable according to your body size and structure, then you should obviously try to customize it. Otherwise, you will have to suffer a lot from monetary and physical both sides.

3. Lights, Reflectors and Clothing

Your visibility is a vital fact when you are on a ride. To see others and to be seen by others both are crucial. So when you are riding a bicycle, you should obviously remember whether you are with lights and reflectors. Brighter clothing is another thing you should aim to wear while riding to be easily visible to others.

4. Signals


Signals are your intention of riding given to others as indication. So when you are riding a bicycle you should remember the correct signals necessary to be given and be care careful of using it precisely.

It has been statistically proved that not abiding by correct signals is one of the main reasons of accidents on roads. And, there is no doubt that a bicycle rider is more unsafe than a car driver in case accidents. This is why maintaining signals is one of the main things to remember when riding a bike. And, the biker should be very precise on it.

5. Bells

A bell is the equipment used for informing the road users about the presence of a bicycle rider. The rider must remember to correct use of a bell and avoid any kind of misuse or excessive use while riding.

6. Helmets

You must not forget to bring helmet when riding through road full of traffic or rough in nature. It’s very important in the list of 10 things you should remember when riding bicycle. It may be a threat to life ultimately in case of any accident. A best road bike helmet can help to save your life in this regard. So, please keep it in your memory not to forget to bring your helmet.

7. Fear No Punctures

When you are riding you must not fear any punctures. It’s a common issue for any type of bicycle to get its’ tires/tubes punctured while riding. You should the common ideas what to do when tire is punctured. To avoid this bad situation don’t forget to use puncture proof tires when riding. It makes the problem a rare case.

8. Toolkits


You should always remember to bring a set of bicycle repair toolkits when riding. You can repair any type of simple technical failure of your bike when you are on a ride if you have a set of toolkits and a minimum idea of repairing a bike.

This is why, it’s one of the essential things to remember when riding a bike to keep a set of toolkits. These are not very heavy and not even bigger to carry. So, always be cautious and don’t forget to have a set of toolkits.

9. Wheel Checking

A set of the best road bike wheels is really vital for your bike if you want safe and comfortable movement. While riding try to check the wheels randomly whether these are moving freely or not. Slow or jam spinning might lead tiresome riding and/or even accident.

10. Know Your Gears


Be familiar with your Gear when you are riding. It works on the basic gear principle and really vital in any time such as climbing up, riding down, speeding up or down.

Sometimes you may experience that few of the gears are not working. Don’t get upset. It may happen in many cases where you need to utilize the rest speeds. You should check it before riding and after completion of your ride as well.

Final Thoughts

You already have gone through 10 Things to Remember When Riding a Bike. The last thing you should keep in your mind is that knowing everything is nothing unless practiced. Anything better comes from the good practice. So, all of us should remember the basic things explained in brief above and follow accordingly.

You have a top notch road bike and you are abiding by these things! Then you are the king of pleasure and safe ride!

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