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Did you hear about Pure Fix Cycles? If not, then you can start with this Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Review!

Road bicycles are making a rebound in numerous urban areas that have bicycle paths. One explanation behind this is that road bikes can decrease the carbon outflows by supplanting vehicles. Another famous purpose behind purchasing a road bike is that it can assist you with staying fit as a fiddle.

If you’re yet searching for the most ideal approach to stay sound and fit as a fiddle and your city is bike-friendly, you might need to rediscover your childhood with a roadworthy road bicycle.

There are lots of road bikes in the market. If you need one of the best, then you can think about the Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Fixie Road Bike. For your sake, I  have tried to make a complete critical overview of this road bike in the Pure Fix Cycles Review following the customer feedbacks and my own experience & understanding as well.

Features of Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Road Bike

With a bulk of significant features, the Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed is a great choice for the road bikers. It’s one of the best road bikes from Pure Fix. For the user friendly feature quality this bike is unique. For detail analysis of the features you should see below-

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Steel Made Frame and Fork

The high tensile steel urban frame and high tensile straight fork building the Pure Fix Cycles are really tough. Both are made of steel doesn’t mean that the bike is heavy in weight. Actually, the weight varies from 22- 24 pounds, according to its’ size. Thus it’s great to ride and easy to control.

The frame is obviously sturdy and well finished. High tensile straight frame has good shock absorbing capacity, thus it’s comfortable to ride even in a non-level road. Pure Fix has done really a great job with its’ frame geometry!

The frame assures a position which is neither too aggressive nor too upright. The shoulders never get over-stressed and the wrists & elbows stay in a relaxed and easy position throughout the ride. The frame has a lifetime warranty. Overall it’s proved comfortable through different practical analysis for writing this Pure Fix Cycles Review.

Speed and Gear Mechanism

The main thing you see when you ride a single speed bicycle is the absence of multiple gears. It has a gear ratio of 44:16:00 along with a 74.25 gear inches KMC chain. Those short bothering slopes on which you normally shift down and traveled leisurely initiate demanding that additional bit from you. At first, there is some automatic connecting with

At first, there is some automatic connecting with gear levers just to get yourself grabbing slight air! Be that as it may, then, frankly, the inclination you get attempting to power through those areas of the street (or those flyovers) in the city is so very fulfilling!


The Radius Alloy front brakes are good and quite safe for a single speed bike. Thus, the Pure Fix Urban Single Speed Fixed Gear Road Bike has a good set of front brakes. But the thing is, there is no rear brake at all in this bike!

The bike comes with a set of front brakes and without any rear brake by default. This is quite unnerving to the riders while they go for maximum speed and I suggest to install a rear for safe commuting.

The bike comes with a set of front brakes and without any rear brake by default. This is quite unnerving to the riders while they go for maximum speed and I suggest to install a rear for safe commuting.


With its fixed gear system, Pure Fix Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike avowals of its maximum performance using a lower amount of energy, taken from the riders pedaling, compared to many other bikes.

Its’ freewheel bearing feature helps it to be more efficient and you too will need to invest less energy. You can compare this single speed bike with another single speed Takara Kabuto Road Bike.


You won’t ever out of style, with the large variation of colors available, with this Pure Fix Urban Road Bike. It’s definitely a fashionable one with smooth finishing, eye-catching color, smart handlebar and other good looking components. Sometimes it glows in the dark as it has solar activated wheels to increase your safety standard.

Pretty Inexpensive

You can’t expect a road bike with full of great features at such a price range in which the Pure Fix Urban Single Speed Road Bike is sold generally! Really, this is outstandingly inexpensive compared to containing features!

So, it will be your great investment if you buy one. I’m saying it not because you are reading this Pure Fix Cycles Review. Actually, this is the truth I found.


  • Responsive and comfortable geometry
  • Very strong, deep dish wheels
  • Good quality and well go aluminum pedals
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maneuvering
  • 1 year component warranty


  • No granny gears
  • No rear brake
  • Not suitable for serious racing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the flip flop hub thing work?

A: On both sides of the back wheel, there is a gear. When you switch the position of the wheel, it will be set to either freewheel mode or fixed gear mode. It all depends on what side you decide to put the back wheel

Q: What is the max tire clearance?

A: It’s pretty sure that it will only work with the 700c’s

Final Thoughts

Truly speaking, there is more which could be included in this Pure Fix Cycles Review! The huge positive user feedbacks speak about the outstanding features and performance of this road bike. So, you won’t need to think a lot about the quality of this bike. If you love at first sight then don’t hesitate to be a proud owner of a Pure Fix Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Fixie Road Bike.

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