Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Review

Best Kestrel Legend 105 Review | All in One!

Kestrel Legend 105 Review

Do you need a quality carbon fiber road bike at an affordable price range? Kestrel Legend 105 Road Bike is a worthy one. You must go through the Kestrel Legend 105 Review!

Kestrel has been known worldwide for its’ smart and very well performing bikes. The Legend Shimano 105 Road Bike is of the best-featured bikes made by Kestrel. This bike is really awesome in performance. The price is around thousand dollars. The facilities provided by the Kestrel Legend 105 is more than worthy! You must have the intention to spend more than an ordinary one.

The Kestrel Legend 105 has a sleek and edgy design. You can never be bored while riding the bike. If you’ve any plan to buy this one, then the Kestrel Legend 105 Review is for you. You will get an absolute direction by the review and can decide easily.

Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Review – Features

I said above that the Legend Shimano 105 Road Bike is one of the best-featured bikes from Kestrel. So, you surely have the intention to read the features thoroughly. For you, the analyzed features are given below-

Sturdy Bike

Kestrel Legend 105 is a very sturdy road bike. The bike is made using both the 800k and 700k enhanced modulus hybrid carbon fiber.

Thus the frame is stiffer than other same category bikes. Different crucial areas like the head tube & bottom bracket shell of the frame are molded with inner polyurethane molds. By controlling the resin content and smoothing the fibers the molds make the frame as of the sturdiest and the lightest frames of a road bike.

The EPS foam mold placed in the crown area of the frame enhances the rigidity and performance of the bike. The BB30 Bottom bracket has been used to increase the crank’s stiffness. Combining all, the Kestrel Legend 105 Road Bike is a Strong and Sturdy Bike.

Smooth and Comfortable Riding

When you take a ride by Kestrel Legend 105 you might be astonished to feel how smooth and comfortable the ride is! You can feel the difference between the bikes of a carbon frame and aluminum frame.

You must feel something positive and comfortable for a carbon frame use. You will understand how truly I have written this Kestrel Legend 105 Review. The seat post has 2 bolt adjustable head. You can fix it in a position where you get the best comfort to sit.

Oval Concepts and Shimano Components

Kestrel Legend 105 Road bike’s drivetrain is strategically equipped with oval concepts. It contains compact crank sets of 520 Alloy 52/36T. There is Shimano 105 11 speed gearing in order to assist and increase the power of this workhorse. The Legend 105 also contains 327 wheels’ Oval Concepts wrapped in a heavy-duty Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick rubber.

Safe Shifting and Braking

This road bike has Shimanon 105 STI shifters & derailleurs. Thus, this bike provides a strong and precise shifting. It ultimately enhances the reliability of the bike. The Tektro Dual Pivot brakes help you in controlling the speed predictably and safely. So you can increase your bike’s speed without hesitation.

Different Size Tubes

Another very interesting feature of this bike is the use of different size tubes subject to the size of the frame. That way it guarantees the solidness and solace of the frame. These are reliable all through the size range. It’s another indication of how the better points of interest have been tended to by this up and coming firm.

Easy Assembly and Stylish

The bike comes to you nearly assembled. So you need not to hassle for assembling the bike. True to say I like the Kestrel Legend 105 not only for its’ features but also for its’ stylish and gorgeous outlook! The sleek and edgy design with perfect finishing and the shape of the bike make it an ultimate trendy bike. I really love it.


  •  Strongly and stiffly built
  •  Durable
  •  Lightweight
  •  Low priced in comparison to other bikes like it
  •  Comfortable riding
  •  Stylish
  •  Smart braking system


  •  Sometimes a bit complex to assemble if it comes fully unassembled

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much the bike is assembled?

A: The bike is to be frank 70%-80% assembled. But it’s very easy to assemble.

Q: How comfortable the seat post?

A: It’s not a “real/full” CF seat post; rather carbon wrapped alloy seat post with pure comfort.

Final Thoughts

The Kestrel Legend 105 is an amazing piece of road bike made by Kestrel. From comfort to performance, the Legend 105 is an incomparable one. So far I have experienced, it’s a unique one. I have come to an end of the Kestrel Legend 105 Review with the decision that the Legend 105 road bike has everything you desire except the price tag. But, to get the best one you must consider the only one issue of price. So, buying this bike might be your best choice for commuting investment.

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