How To Choose The Best Road Bike

Currently cycling is no more fun only! It’s a decent way of communication, exercise and pleasure. People love to ride a bike to have their day to day, short distance commuting. Now a days, they love to use it to avoid the worst traffic usually. A road bike is the best fit for the purposes.

Many of the young people have a passion of cycling. This is why the use of a road bike is increasing day by day. But, the main problem is to find out and buy the best suitable road bike from the vast and varied market consisting of hundreds of brands, thousands of models. You might forget your plan that you made to buy sooner after starting the selection for buying one from this vast market of road bikes!

So, a perfect guideline on how to choose the best road bike is a must in this respect. This is what I have done in this article. I think, this well researched and resourced step by step road bike buying guide will help you a lot so that you don’t get lost while buying your suitable one.

Steps On How to Choose The Best Road Bike

Choosing the best road bike means selecting the most suitable bike with necessary features for any specific person. Before choosing and buying a road bike you should have to keep some basic factors in your mind.

Be sure to consider these as explained below and take the steps accordingly so that you don’t be misdirected and regretful for your final decision.

Determine Your Skill Level and Purposes

Determine Your Skill Level and Purposes

The very first factor on how to choose best road bike is the assessment of your own skill of bike riding and the purposes you need to fulfill. If you are a fresher or a beginner at biking, then you must choose the best entry level road bikes.

You never think of buying a professional version as it will be wastage of money. You must think the duration you would plan to give for cycling and the purposes you need to fulfill.

If you are planning for your day to day, short distance commuting through plain road, then you can compromise with ordinary category tires, saddle, and bottom bracket. On the other hand, if you need to go through tough trails, then you must have a bike consisting of strong and lightweight frame, well shock absorbing tires, adjustable seat post etc.

Balancing Between Budget and Bike

This is really very important one. Once you determine your skill level and purposes, you need to set a price. You will find lots of road bike suitable for your skill and purposes, but make a balance between your budget and the bike price matters.

If you have a budget not exceeding $1000, then you can buy a reliable entry level road bike. But if you want a good road bike having taste like a professional one, then you must have to think around $2,000.


Bicycle Geometry

When you go out to buy a road bike, you’ll see that almost all bikes look alike. The differences between each road bike are very elusive, however, and you must be very careful as well as attentive to avoid missing those while buying.

Different road bikes have different types of geometries like sport geometry, race geometry, flat bar geometry etc.

The road bike of sport geometry assures you an upright riding position & relaxed steering, which is suitable for occasional comfortable riding up to 150 miles. You need to spend less money on this type bike to buy as it contains very entry level but reliable components.

The race geometry bike is for the competitive bike rider. You need to spend more money to buy this as it contains better components, lightweight and sturdy frame, quality tires and wheel etc.

On the other hand, the flat geometry road bikes are no more dissimilar to the sport geometry road bike with more upright riding position and will assure you a good and quality day-to-day commuting. Overall, selecting the geometry is a basic considerable thing on how to choose best road bike.

Frame and Fork Materials

Frame and Fork Materials

When you know the geometry, you must then be aware of the materials from where the frame and fork is made.

The frame and fork can be made firstly from the aluminum or aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum is comparatively lower priced and lightweight yet strong material.

So the road bikes made with aluminum or aluminum alloy frames and forks are really good for the low budget and entry level bikers.

The second material is steel. But, it’s lost the dominance in 1980’s sooner after starting the use of aluminum alloy, though there are lots of road bike produced with steel frame or fork. This type frame will provide you a weighty but high strength road bike.

The third material we do have is carbon fiber. The carbon fiber made frames and forks are really durable and strong as well as lightweight. It’s more comfortable for extra shock absorbing capacity. However, you must spend more money for a carbon fiber frame road bike than that of aluminum or steel.

The last but most expensive material is titanium. A titanium frame road bike will provide you the best that an aluminum and steel road bike can offer you collectively.

Craknset and Gearing

Craknset and Gearing

You should justify the quality and brand of the components like crankset and gearing before you buy a road bike. It’s important step of how to choose the best road bike.

If you fail to do so, you might even get a bike with lower quality components than it’s advertised! You can keep the following 3 factors in mind while buying a road bike-

  • Good entry-level road bikes are generally equipped with Campagnolo Veloce; Shimano Claris/Sora; Athena components or SRAM Apex/Rival.
  • If you decide to choose mid-range road bikes, you will have to pay more money. No doubt, it’ll provide better performance and increased speed. Campagnolo Chorus or Record components, Shimano Tiagra or 105, SRAM Rival or Force may be the best choice for this purpose.
  • At the pick of the range, the competition level road bikes are equipped with Campagnolo Super Record or Shimano Ultegra, SRAM Red or Dura-Ace. These are the lightest as well as fastest components you can get.



Rim brakes are common in entry level road bikes and these are comparatively economical and cheap to replace. Though it’s not the highest quality product, but under a limited budget not exceeding $ 1000, you can consider it standard.

On the other hand, Disc brakes are also very efficient as they provide consistent good braking in all conditions. The main problem of this of brakes is the high expense of replacing their pads. If you get disc brakes under your budget you should go for it.


Wheels are of basic significance, we don’t simply mean having wheels, however having the lightest and most suitable for the task in hand can fundamentally enhance your ride.

An awful combine of wheels can demolish a generally incredible bicycle, so get the lightest and best road bike wheels you can bear to improve the way the bicycle handles and reacts.

User Feedback Reviewing

There are a great number of serious bike fans like myself that purchase, ride, manufacture, and review bikes from everywhere. Read user feedbacks from online retailers, blog reviews, forum posts etc. for a better realization of the bike you’re searching for. It’s a great way to get out of confusion on how to choose best road bike.


If you have followed the above instructions on how to choose the best road bike to the point, then it’s the time to end the procedure and time to be the owner of a quality road bike.

Final Thoughts

I think, now you know the answer of ‘how to choose the best road bike’! Choosing the best road bikes isn’t easy always, but not impossible also! With the help of the above mentioned guideline, you can now move forward for a final selection.

To be clearer on a specific road bike you have decided to buy, you can go through the best road bike reviews given on this website. Hope everything will be beneficial for you.

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