GMC Denali 700c Review | Great Mix of Tradition and Modernity

I don’t know whether you’ve read GMC Denali 700c Review anywhere else or not. You are going to get the real scenario of this bike including positives as well as negatives by this article.

Men interested in serious biking must justify the 700c GMC Denali Men’s Road Bike. The design is especially suitable for the serious rider. Traditional large bike style combined with modern designs and functionality the bike is greatly fit for men especially.

It’s basically multipurpose and ideal for commuting, exercise and recreation. I’ve analyzed each of its features carefully. I justified the overall performance from different angles which is given in the following GMC Denali 700c Road Bike Review.

 GMC Denali 700c Men’s Road Bike Reviewed Features

The bike has a bunch of user friendly features specific for men. The features have made it one of the most popular road bikes. A good number of positive user feedbacks in different online retailer sites speak for it. Let’s go through our analysis-

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Aerodynamic Frame and Responsive Fork

The lightweight (moderate) aluminum frame has aerodynamic tubing that makes the bike more comfortable to ride as it assures more comfortable riding position. It’s sturdier and well finished as well.

You can move this bike without investing too much effort. Even, if you want can pick up & place it on your car’s bike rack for trips or for a long ride.

The fork is from GMC Series 7000 steel which is good for long riding as it has well shock absorbing power and good riding position assuring capability. Thus the frame and fork are great for a good quality men’s road bike.

Gear Shifting and Braking System

This bike has 21 speed gears and Race-style drop bar handlebars as well as aluminum brake levers for the alloy caliper brakes. Gear shifting is very easy and smooth.

The 7 speed  Shimano rear derailleur contributes a lot to assure fast gear changing and the Shimano Revo shifters allow you to switch gear without your hands to be taken off the handlebars. You can get added amount of control by this way.

The bike can be lead whatever speed you do like to get in its’ 21 speed limit in almost all terrains except the severe rough terrains. You can reach the maximum speed within a very short time after starting your ride.

The Alloy Caliper Pull Brakes with Promax  Aluminum brake levers equip the bike with safe and strong braking system with a sudden stopping capacity.

Comfortable Seat

The Vitesse racing seat has a great fame for providing an extended amount of comfort while you are going for a race or long term distance riding. For high speed riding it’s a good choice. So, you will be comfortable in both conditions- short commuting or exercise and serious racing or long distance riding.

Quality Rims and Tires

The high performance Vitesse Alloy 700C racing rims and high performance 700c tires are specially made for the racing purpose.

The tires are a set of the best road bike tires available in the market. In addition, 36 spoke alloy high performance rims have good durability in rough terrains. They are very good in level roads as well. It’s capable of receiving a huge amount of shock that makes your riding experience comfortable. Almost all of its accessories are up to the mark.


This bike comes to the buyer partially assembled. It’s not too tough to put together the rest, but you must take time in assembly to confirm that it’s safe enough and comfortable. We assembled this bike thrice while proceeding for our GMC Denali 700c Road Bike Review.

The seat and handlebars need to be adjusted to fit your frame.. A few assembly tools you will require to assemble including a 10, 14, and 15 (mm) socket. A set of Allen keys is also necessary.


  • Good geometry
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Smooth and very fast
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Quality components
  • Good starter racing bike
  • Great value
  • Flexible
  • Multipurpose bike


  • Good but quite hard
  • Sometimes crank is wobbled

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the bike capable of taking loads of more than 250lbs.?

A: Yes, its’s capable of taking a load of around 300 lbs.

Q: How is the height limit for a 19” or 20” GMC Denali 700 Road Bike?

A: Any man from 5’1” to 5’8” is a good fit for this bike.

Final Thoughts

The GMC Denali 700c Review is fully my own analysis. It’s a good product from Kent Bikes so far I realized. There are few shortcomings in this bike. There maybe exist some undefined issues in my review.

But the truth is, at this affordable price range you can’t expect thing better than this. Overall, this is a good multipurpose bike capable of assisting you in commuting, exercising and racing.

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Howard Taylor

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