Best Road Bikes Under 900

Best Road Bikes Under 900 |Reviews & Guide

Best Road Bikes Under 900 |Reviews & Guide

Best Road Bikes Under 900 |Reviews & Guide

You have around $900 to expend on a road bike, but under confusion what to choose? Do you need one of the best road bikes under 900? Then, we are here to provide a clear overview of 5 electable road bikes that you can find within your affordability limit.

Actually, you have a limit of $900 doesn’t mean that you only consider the monetary value of a bike when you select. Besides, you should seriously see the features and overall quality of the bikes and choose the best quality bike within your specified money limit.

Consider While Buying Best Road Bikes Under 900

Buying a road bike isn’t that much hard if your budget is quite handsome. If you have 900 dollars in your hand, then consider that you have a pretty decent amount.

You just need to be more serious and conscious while you are running over it to purchase. There are a few things you must keep in your consideration while buying any of the best road bikes under 900 dollars.


The more you want comfort and injury free riding, the more you need a smart geometry road bike combination of upright riding position and relaxed steering. You can pick any of the sport geometry road bike or flat bar geometry road bike for this. These two are relaxing and effective and you can get it under 900 dollars limit.

Frame and Fork Materials

Which one you do like to choose- Aluminum, Steel, Titanium or Carbon Fiber? If you have a budget of 900 dollars, then there are a very few good road bikes made of carbon fiber frame. These are usually entry level road bikes.

Titanium is more expensive. You can go for steel or aluminum frame. You will surely get best road bikes under 900 meaning . There are many options open for you to buy if you go for steel or aluminum.

Gear System

Shimano, Campagnolo & SRAM are the main three manufactures of groupsets. Regarding gear you can depend any of these 3. At this price range you will find various models of road bikes available with 3 to 24 gears.

You should choose a model having 8 to 16 gears. These are more durable and well performing. If you go for more then, it may a little bit lighter in strength.

Other Components

For other components you can depend on Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM. Other components include elementary crankset, derailleurs, brakes & lavers etc.  You will find standard components for a beginner road bike within 900 dollars budget limit.


You can get both the straight bar handlebar and drop bar handlebar. Usually the drop bar provides a better quality geometry and aerodynamic upright riding position. So you should choose it if you want more comfort.

My Selection: Best Road Bikes Under $900 Reviews

Keeping three matters i.e. Price, Comfort and Safety into mind I’m supposed to analyze the best road bikes. For this, I have a smart and technically professional team including me.

My team picked the top 40 bikes rated by the most renowned online platforms. I usually give priority over the feedbacks provided by real buyers and users of road bikes. Detailed analysis and comparison with the same category and different branded bicycles is the next step. In this step of analysis, comfort and safety get the most attention besides other features of the bikes.

Finally depending on the overall analysis, positives, negatives and few other things I categorize the 40 road bikes chronologically from good to less good (1,2,3,……40). This is how I have made this list of 5 Best Road Bikes Under 900.

Vilano Forza 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike with Tiagra STI

Vilano Forza 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike with Tiagra STI


The bike comes well packed & protected with foam, cardboard and plastic spacers made for the purpose. It’s one of the best road bikes under 900. It comes without any missing parts usually. Except very few cases, the parts of the Forza 1.0 come as it’s advertised on the website.

The pedals & toe clips, front and rear reflectors, front brake calipers, front wheel skewer, necessary small assembly parts and the manuals for the bike &  components come in another small box.

The 10 speed Vilano Forza 1.0 bike is made with double-butted 6061 aluminum frame. It has an equal standard 12k carbon fork. The combination of aluminum and carbon makes the bike sturdy but lightweight. Someone may doubt about the nameless carbon fork whether there is any problem of integrity.

But, so far I experienced, being nameless it’s still without negativity. So, there is no question of the integrity of the fork. Thus, the Forza 1.0 has got the top position in this best road bikes under $900.

Feature Highlights

  •  Sturdy and Lightweight Double Butted Aluminum Frame
  •  High Quality 12k Carbon Fiber Racing Fork
  •  Quality Shimano Derailleurs
  •  Smart Shifting with the 10 Speed Shimano Tiagra STI Shifters
  •  Ultra slim Kenda Tires with greater gripping
  •  Well recognized Shimano 105 Brake Levers
  •  Alloy Handlebar

VP A01 Red 700C 14 Gears Men Road Bike

VTSP Road Bike Red Road Bicycle

VISP-A01 Men Road Bike


The VISP A01 Red Road Bike has a VISP 6061 aluminum alloy frame (48, 51, 54 cm). It’s very strong yet quite light weight. The 6061 aluminum alloy fork provide added strength and quickness.

The Shimano A050 shifters is extraordinary for gear changing position. I changed gear staying in an upright position always while riding. All my past bicycles had the gear shifting connected to the brake levers.

However, the great individuals at VISP have comprehended that a few individuals are used to have the capacity to get to all their bicycle controls in one place. So, have included additional brake levers the handlebars by the apparatus changers.

I can just figure this will be eliminated as individuals get used to the more sensible position for gear changers. If you look carefully, you will find that this bike has included some protective measures against any air flow. So, you can shift gears without the wind making you select the inappropriate gear and keeping any frostbite from the wind chill issue.

Feature Highlights

  •  VISP Aluminum Alloy Frame
  •  Twitter Cable Mechanical Disc Brakes of Germany
  •  High capability Rims
  •  Kenda Road Bike Professional Tires

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Century 2 Complete Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Century 2 Complete Road Bike


The diamondback century 2 road bike has a DBR Road Disc Custom Butted 7005 Alloy. The frame is EPG (Enhanced Performance Geometry) with taller head tubes. It reduces strain on rider’s backs and necks.

It’s absolutely one of the keys of desired comfort. Another important thing is the core stability and less pelvic rotation that helps them to be comfortably fitted while riding.

A good quality Drivetrain is very essential for a road bike so as to ensure a better ride. In this regard, the Diamondback Century 2 Bike has a Shimano 105 11-speed Drivetrain. It gives you access to an extensive range of gears with Dual Control Hydraulic Disc Simano shifter.

No doubt, it’s a high standard Drivetrain that delivers top score performance. It will give you an enjoyable and remarkable time on the road. At the same time, it has a good wheel set and brake mechanism. Overall, it’s a good one.

Feature Highlights

  •  Standard Shimano Brakes
  •  HED Flanders C2+ Disc Rims
  •  Michelin Tires (a little bit wide)
  •  DBR Performance Seatpost
  •  Drop Bar Handlebar with Great Comfort

 Nashbar TR1 Touring Bike

Nashbar TR1 Touring Bike


The frame is made from double butted 7005 Alloy Chromoly steel. It is lightweight, durable and strong. Thus, the frame provides you full comfort while riding. On the other hand, the fork is made of high tensile steel that more effectively absorbs shock from rough trails.

In addition, the rear & front rack attachment to the frame provides the rider extensive comfort. The Nashbar TR1 has an awesome wheel set that makes the bike more speedy and comfortable.

The Alex Dc-19 Alloy wheels are very lightweight and sturdy. These are capable of receiving a heavy shock from the rough trails. The Kenda 700x32c tires boost the overall performance of the Nashbar TR1 road bike.

You can make your shifting smooth, rapid and precise because of the Fsa Ck-4001sst Omega Triple Casted Crankset. It also helps you to climb vertical hills and drive through flat trails easily. It has a good set of components and other bike parts.

Feature Highlights

  •  Chromoly D.B. high quality Frame
  •  Hi Tensile Steel Shock Absorbing Fork
  •  Omega Triple Casted FSA Crank set
  •  Shimano Front & Rear Derailleurs
  •  Lightweight & sturdy Alloy Wheels
  •  Performance boosting Kenda Tires

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s 2015 Airen 2 Complete Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2015 Airen 2 Complete Road Bike


The endurance Airen 2 road bicycle was manufactured for the lady who needs to be comfortable on each ride. No matter it’s finishing the big century of the summer, joining a nearby cause ride or simply going for an usual spin with friends.

Our ladies’ particular Devine series of bicycles is manufactured around what ladies need in a bicycle. A women customized fit, lightweight structure for a simple to handle yet stable ride, well performing components, and a distinctive color scheme that ultimately reflects our taste in style.

Upgraded performance geometry permits you to sit more upright than on a race bicycle and takes a percentage of the strain off your neck and lower back. The 7005 aluminum combination gives uncompromising sturdiness. The specially butted and framed tubing makes a point to strike the right adjust of quality and light weight.

It includes the quality steering of the podium performance carbon fork. Now, you’ve yourself another firsthand road bike that will serve up kilometer after kilometer of pure and perfect riding pleasure.

Feature Highlights

  •  Enhanced Performance Geometry Frame
  •  Special Podium Performance Carbon Fork
  •  High Quality FSA Omega Compact Cranks
  •  Shimano Dual Control 10 Speed Shifters
  •  Michelin Dynamic Sport Tires
  •  DBR Drop Bar Upright Position Handlebar

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to find a road bike within $900. But, the main thing is to get the most quality bikes at that range. This is literally a complicated task for anybody. We did this thing very carefully and enlisted finally the 5 best road bikes under 900.

True to say that, it’s neither conclusive nor it should be. Instead, it can be changed time to time on basis of arrival of new better quality road bikes. But, for current market, these are the best. And, we will surely update and inform these as soon as we get the new better and updated versions.

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