Best Road Bike Tires On The Market

Best Road Bike Tires On The Market

Best Road Bike Tires On The Market

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Road Bike Tires

When you are planning to buy a set of top quality tires you must be precise on considering a few issues. Whether you are experienced or beginner is not a matter. The issues are-

Tire Sizes

Fixing the size of tires is very important task for the tires of a bike to be customized. It depends on different settings and materials of the bike. Your body shape is another vital fact to determine the tire size.

Determining the size is same important for replacement of tires in your bike (you are using now). This is the starting point for selecting replacements. Consider the diameter of tires, density, rim size etc. Decide carefully.

Selecting a Width

Road bike tires have variety of widths distinguished by their smooth tread patterns and large diameters. For example- narrow 20mm for racing, 28mm varieties for commuting or training, and 35mm tires for cyclocross and commuting. Usually, the narrower tires roll more easily.

These tires are faster at expense of comfort. Conversely, wider tires provide more comfort at expense of more rolling resistance. Determine the perfect width for your tires. Do it according to the type of your riding.


Most manufacturers put a puncture proof layer now under the central tread pattern. They do it to repel glass/ thorn/ general pointy road debris. They don’t depend on their top performance tires. You shouldn’t forget to check the puncture resistant system of the tires you are buying.

Tread Compounds

Tread composition is very important. It determines the standard of a tire to grip the road, to roll and to resist wear. Butyl rubber is the main element of tread compounds. It has many additives communicating specific performance attributes.

Threads Per Inch

Tire casings of road bike are made of cloth having non-woven nylon strands or other material set in plies. If tire’s casing has more threads per inch, then it’s thinner as well as suppler sidewall and lighter than that of fewer threads per inch.


The bead holds the tires in place on the rim. Thin aramid fiber or a cord of woven steel extending around the inside circumference on both of the sides of the tire securing the tire tightly, the bead nails under the edge of the rim.

    My Selection: The Best Road Bike Tires Review

Finding out the best tires from so many options is not easy. It requires an extensive research obviously. What were my steps? First, I was picked up more than 35 mostly sold tires. With my team I thoroughly analyzed every feature. I justified in various ways like rolling resistance test, beading capability test, puncture resistance test etc. All of my professional team members worked very hard.

Then I reviewed customer feedbacks given in different online retailers to fix a satisfaction standard. And, considering all analyzed information finally I have made a short list of best road bike tires.

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Tires[/notification]

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Tyres


The Grand Prix 4000S II, also known as the “GP4000S II”, is probably the best clincher road bike tire in the Race/ Tour class offered by Continental. So, it placed first at our best road bike tires list.

The GP4000S II is the updated version of the main GP4000S, which already was a very popular road bike tire. For more grip, reduced rolling resistance and higher mileage it has the Black Chili compound. Under the tread it has a patented Vectran Breaker layer that gives it the maximum possible protection from puncture at the lowest weight.

You can run the tire at 80 psi air pressure/ 5.5 bar at the expense of a 1.5 watts (Crr: 0.0004) higher rolling resistance per tire. It shows the quality of this tire even at this very small drop off. At 60 psi / 4.1 bar it still performs very good.

In the puncture resistance test it gets a score of 11, which is lesser than average rate but should be sufficient. If you want very fast tires with puncture protection capability and don’t worry to pay for it, undoubtedly the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II is a great choice then.

Highlighted Features

  •  Vectran Breaker Technology
  •  Black Chili Compound
  •  Smart gripping and less rolling resistance
  •  Tire Wear Indicators
  •  Black with Silver Labels
  •  Best All Around Race Tire

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Mavic Yksion Pro GripLink Clincher Tire[/notification]

Mavic Yksion Pro SSC Clincher Road Bike Tire


The Mavic Yksion Pro is strategically designed for the grip and cornering requirements of a front tire. The Yksion Pro Tire offers ultra-gripping performance in every condition and greater protection against flats.

The tire compound sticks persistently with the softer shoulder compound through corners. It dispatches moving water away from the core channel for utmost grip in bad weather.

The tire has 127 TPI casing as well as hard center strip that enhance wear life. Besides, there is a Kevlar strip fixed under the tread for additional protection against punctures.

The Mavic produces Yksion Pro PowerLink, a rear-specific tire for complementary performance. The overall weight is light and style is good. It has low rolling resistance, superior energy transfer, safe gripping and light & flexible high density casing. Everything has made the Yksion Pro GripLink Clincher Tire as one of the best road tires in the market so far.

Highlighted Features

  •  Ultra grip performance with GripLink Compound
  •  Nylon anti-puncture breaker
  •  Low rolling resistance
  •  High density casing
  •  100 to 130 running PSI

 [notification type=”notification_mark” ]Panaracer RiBMo PT Tire[/notification]

Panaracer RiBMo PT Tire


The new RiBMo road bike tires are lightweight and incredibly puncture proof. New ProTex Shield technology of Panaracer is the reason behind it. ProTex Shield is more than three times resistant to pinch flats and puncture than full sidewall to sidewall Aramid protection.

All Contact tread shape is capable of smooth and predictable transition from core to side and the prolonged sidewall surface that lessens tread cuts. The durability of Mile Cruncher compound is great.

800D polyamide cord is two times stronger than the conventional tires’ cord. It assures great value for those who want fully comprehensive pneumatic protection underwriting their ride. Overall, it’s a good product.

Highlighted Features

  •  Lightweight (390g.)
  •  PT puncture resistance technology
  •  Strong 800D polyamide cord
  •  Super tough Vinyl thread
  •  Can run at 85-90 psi; 100 psi is normal

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Continental Gator Hardshell Duraskin  Premium Tire[/notification]

Continental Gator Hardshell Duraskin Urban Premium Bicycle Tire


If you’re looking for a bike tire fit for every season to conquer your native training grounds, then think about the tire named Super Gator produced by Continental. It’s specially build for road.

The Gator Hardshell is protected from bead to bead with the The DuraSkin cut free fabric. And the further wrapping into the sidewall is protected from any type of side attack.

The entire tread strip is under protection of a wider Poly-X Breaker covers that adds another degree of puncture resistance as well as increases tire life. All of these happen successfully without adding further weight like other all-season tires.

It has an excellent smooth design, which provides a nice grip all the way and transfers the force efficiently. Because of the 3 layers 3 materials composition of the tire, it can give great results for a longer time. After all, he Continental Gator Hardshell Duraskin is a good choice to pick for your bike. It stood fourth in our best road bike tires list.

Highlighted Features

  •  Lightweight Continental DuraSkin
  •  Poly-X Breaker with overlapped polyester fibers
  •  Reflective sidewall “Reflex”
  •  Debris deflecting tread pattern

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Folding Tire[/notification]

VREDESTEIN Fortezza Tricomp Folding Bead Road Cycling Tire


Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp is an excellent racing road bike tire suitable for all conditions. It’s perfect for everything from road races to time trials and triathlons.

It features TriComp technology of Vredestein for maximum grip in the sides and reduced rolling resistance on the flats. The TriComp refers to the three-way compound tread that gives it a totally reliable cornering charisma while still moving as fast as the best race tires.

Curve Control System permits the tire to hold its shape in a way during cornering what gives a more consistent feel as well as grip on wet or/and dry roads.

The Puncture Resistant System of this tire is 90% fewer than older flat models. Polyamide strip under core tread provides a 2 layers flat protection. It has Kevlar bead system with 700x23c dimension and a weight of 225g. Overall, it’s really a good choice for excellent comfort and tough road compliance.

Highlighted Features

  •  Competent tire for every weather condition
  •  Extreme grip with TriComp technology
  •  Very low rolling resistance
  •  Outstanding ride quality on wet roads
  •  Sportex Portection Polyamide Fiber Layer

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Schwalbe Durano S Folding Tires[/notification]

Schwalbe Durano Tyres


Schwalbe is the European leader in tire production for bicycle market. The faster Durano S with a dynamic slick profile is the true successor of the Stelvio. Though, Durano S is a little bit less durable than the usual Durano series road tires, but it’s lighter and has lower rolling resistance than the other Durano tires.

No doubt, it’s an ultra-slick and prime version. RaceGuard puncture protection system is proved great in its practical tests. The Dual compound rubber provides an added protection so that the tire can be more reliable in tough roads.

You already know that it’s an ultra-slick tire; another thing is that its’ folding bead helps to keep the weight lower. It’s a super-fast racing tire with excellent-grippy treads for extra slippery conditions that is not very weighty and smart in aesthetics and look, and everything is under your touch as the price is quite affordable.

Highlighted Features

  •  RaceGuard protection against punctures
  •  Dual compound rubber
  •  85-145 psi recommended pressure (6-10bar)
  •  Folding bead that keeps weight low
  •  Different color choices

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Continental Gator Hardshell Duraskin Folding Road Tire[/notification]

Continental Gator Hardshell DuraSkin Folding Tire


A new type of tire was in demand that has been showed by extensive market research and commuter’s feedback from all over the world. And, finally considering all issues the Continental has brought a new type of tire.

It has named the tire “Gator Hardshell Duraskin Folding Road Tire”! It’s amazingly filled a gap for hardcore commuters who wanted something more- more breaker, more casing; more protection.

A third Polyamide layer has been added in the sidewall. Thus, the Gatorskin has a unique 3-layer casing. A wider Poly-X puncture proof breaker belt has also been added under the tread.

It extends down into the area of shoulder for wider coverage. The anti-tear mesh from Duraskin on the outside of casing makes it safer while riding, especially while running very first. It’s highly recommended.

Highlighted Features

  •  DuraSkin Bead-to-bead protection
  •  Hardshell shell wraps into the sidewall further
  •  Wider Ply-X break tread strip
  •  An average weight is 260 grams
  •  Foldable and maximum 120 psi

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire[/notification]

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire


Puncture resistance and High mileage come together in this wire bead, fast-rolling road tire produced by Continental. The GatorSkin is made with DuraSkin polyamide fabric. The fabric ensures excellent sidewall shield without compromising ride quality or weight.

The wider PolyX Breaker, a specialist anti-puncture technology under the tread core and shoulders delivers great reliability. It’s amazingly smooth in the core as well as grippy on the shoulders. This obviously is a durable tire.

It provides a superior cornering in all conditions. You can do touring, commuting and even serious training as it’s designed in this way. The rolling resistance is quite high. It is 19.3 watts at 120 psi as tested and it’s higher than many other same category road tires. The rolling resistance increases higher at lower air pressures. But this is amazing in case of puncture resistance!

The tire is incomparable and surely far forward than other tires in puncture protection. But it has a little bit more weight (15/20g) than specified 240g. This is no doubt a fast, durable and great performance road tire made in Germany with the most efficient ingredients.

Highlighted Features

  •  DuraSkin polyamide fabric
  •  Poly X Breaker
  •  Grippy
  •  Superior cornering in all conditions
  •  Wear-optimized tread compound

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Vittoria Rubino Pro-Tech III Folding Tire[/notification]

Vittoria Rubino Pro-Tech III Fold Tire


As a road bike tire of medium price range the Rubino Pro 3 is a good production   from Vittoria. It comes with a long-life rubber compound, 150 TPI nylon casing, effective puncture resistance and a lower weight of 235g.

The rolling resistance is amazingly good at high air pressures and even at lower air pressure it performs still well. The puncture protection system is not top alike Continental Hardshell.

But still it’s satisfactory. There is a non-Pro version of Rubino Pro 3 that comes with a wire bead, 60 TPI casing, 335 grams weight and a low rolling resistance. Both of these tires are available in a slick version. I have tested the version with the tread pattern.

Highlighted Features

  •  PRB 2. 0 anti-puncture breaker
  •  150 TPI casing
  •  Reinforced sidewalls
  •  Race tire reaction without deflating
  •  Clincher type

[notification type=”notification_mark” ]Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tires[/notification]

Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tires


Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tire is very fast, lightweight, grippy and extraordinarily durable. It’s perfect for training, summer racing and daily commuting as well.  It’s the fourth generation tire with substantial improvement in every way of the old version Pro.

The tire protection from punctures is outstanding. The inner tube, with the telltale parallel slits, shows evidence of an impact flat. The HD Protection belt gives you a brilliant protection against flats.

The tread Bi-Compound technology is far more different than the previous version Pro 3. Current version has upgraded durability and grip. This wasn’t easy as extra grip generally comes with a compound soft in nature at the cost of durability. The rolling resistance is still quite good. So, it’s obviously a good one.

You can lean on the edges of the tires and they feel planted as well as secure. In the rain or on mixed surface conditions the tire will offer a feel that will increase your level of confidence. The tires are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. As tested, an average tire pressure is 95 psi front and 100 psi rear.

Highlighted Features

  •  Bi Compound technology
  •  Rigid compound mixture and more grip mixture
  •  HDProtection belt
  •  110 TPI, Folding Bead

Final Thoughts

Comfort and speed depend on tires at a great extent. So, don’t compromise with quality of tires for a little more cost range. You will love to ride if your bike has standard tires providing reliability. You can depend on the tires enlisted here as best road bike tires without hesitation and get connected for further updates.

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