Best Hitch Bike Racks

Top 10 Best Hitch Bike Racks of 2020

Best Hitch Bike Racks

You are prepared to hit the trail. You’re venturing on a household holiday, or friends and family and you have decided to handle that dream trip and want your bicycles. Obviously, when you will traveling with your bicycle, then you are likely to require a bike stand. They are absolutely not created equal, although there are a lot of options available. Do they pile up? Let us a good look at the very bike racks for 2020.

Hitch-mounted stands would be the thing to do if you are searching to transfer bicycles. Attaching into one’s vehicle’s receiver hitch, they give unmatched simplicity and versatility of usage. Hitch stands to belong to 2 types, although there is always certainly a selection of choices to select from: platform models would be an advantage and the stability, whereas hanging racks optimize capacity in a concise package. Here our choices for 2020 break up, out of exquisitely designs such as the heavy-duty Dual to the budget-oriented along with weight-conscious Beta of Kuat of 1Up. To learn more, visit our Ranked rack comparison desk and buying information below the selections.

Thule T2 Pro XT

The Thule T2 Pro XT is certainly one of the advanced bike racks. It supplies a lever that lets you fold up the rack when it isn’t being used and removal procedure, and also a tool-free setup. The lever enables the rack to tilt which means you’re able to get into your vehicle’s back.

Certainly one of the elements with the bike rack would be that the usage of arms that are to secure the brakes. This guarantees there is not any experience of the framework, and also the arms may fit up wheels to 20 to 29 inches and five inches in diameter. The two bicycle mounts might be adjusted sideways to find the fit that is ideal, and also the cable lock makes procuring your cycles a cinch. Be aware that the optional add-in enables one to have up to 4 bicycles, but demands a hitch.

Kuat Racks NV 2.0

Even the Kuat NV 2.0 is really just a two-bike stand that provides advanced features, advantages, and a good deal of capacities. It’s really a stage style rack that utilizes wheel securement without touching the framework to put up your bike. Additionally, it supplies an adjustable bicycle cradle system to make sure that the fit is available for every single wheel size.

Probably one of the very fascinating features of this newly redesigned NV 2.0 might be the pivot platform along with its own incorporated foot assist. This enables one to squeeze the rack because you require making that a procedure. The cable locks ensure loads of security throughout transport for the bike. There’s also a Route Doc work stand which enables one to hold your bike with the run.

Yakima HoldUp 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Yakima last is just another stage bicycle bicycle rack which is targeted on holding without even touching the framework, your bike secure. Much like the Thule and NV 2.0 stated earlier, this stand provides adjustable tire cradles, and also a locking bolt which hooks on the surface of the scooter to help maintain the bike set up without damaging the framework. Additionally, it offers that the strong arm design to to make having the bike on the rack and procured simpler and easier.

Probably one of the selling things concerning that bike rack could be the simple fact that it delivers a 60-lb. Weight limitation a bike, giving a 120-lb to the stand. capacity. Be aware this is a stand, however, a attachment enables one to continue to four.

Saris Superclamp EX

The Yakima last is just another stage bicycle bicycle rack which is targeted on holding without even touching the framework, your bike secure. Much like the Thule and NV 2.0 stated earlier, this stand provides adjustable tire cradles, and also a locking bolt which hooks on the surface of the scooter to help maintain the bike set up without damaging the framework. Additionally, it offers that the strong arm design to to make having the bike on the rack and procured simpler and easier.

Probably one of the selling things concerning that bike rack could be the simple fact that it delivers a 60-lb. Weight limitation a bike, giving a 120-lb to the stand. capacity. Be aware this is a stand, however, a attachment enables one to continue to four.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 stocks a number of the exact identical DNA since the NV 2.0. Much like the NV, the Sherpa uses a brand fresh pivot platform using an optional foot assistance. Additionally, it comprises a bicycle ratchet strategy to lock the front wheel set up of the bike. The tire is cradled at a cup to get security.

Most buyers will probably love that the”no tool” meeting, removal and installation with the advanced bike stand, in addition to the non-toxic design. Be aware that rack is offered in three unique colors (grey, black and white pearl). Be aware that rack is currently available as the 1.25 inch or perhaps even a 2.0 in. assembly. It’s manufactured out of aluminum.

RockyMounts BackStage

Even the RockyMounts BackStage is one with a gap, although just another platform style stand. It sticks out allowing access rather. Access is allowed by tilting but does little great for vehicles together with doors. This problem is solved by this rack. Additionally, it is rather hardy, with a capacity to transport up to two bicycles. Be aware this 120-lb. Capacity doesn’t necessarily mean that you can carry a. Thing on the stand. It has to be distributed or damage can lead.

The stand is designed to maintain a piece of space between bicycles, which makes it a fantastic selection for owners of bicycles that were fat, or. The hitch tube is created ensuring durability and rust resistance for a long time ahead. Be aware this tact doesn’t supply you an extender to boost the variety. Be aware that rack is harmonious with jelqing hitches.

Critical Cycles Lenox Hitch Mount Bike Rack 

The hanging stand on the list, the Critical Cycles Lenox presents secure for two bicycles. The frame locks in to place using nut and a bolt, and slides to the hitch readily. You’ll realize that a pin allows the rack to fold down which means you’re able to get into the back of the car if the rack is completely packed. Be aware that rack is appropriate for Class III and Class IV hitches.

The stand features a weight limitation of 80 pounds. Both bicycles shielded by contact with the alloy stand alone, and have glued allowing the framework to be glued safely. The tie straps are all intended for performance. Be aware this rack needs a small amount of meeting, but does boat with the various tools.

Yakima RidgeBack

The Yakima RidgeBack could be also a competition on the available choices, and also your hanging style recumbent bike rack on the list we’ve recorded. It can transport two bicycles (even though four as well as five-bike models can be found ), also it matches recipients measuring either 1.25 or two inches. The stand weighs 32 lbs, meaning it isn’t hard for a person to put in and control .

The SpeedKnob in the stand eliminates the need for bolts, hooks and other hardware, also enables one to eliminate or install the stand in moments. The stand melts and down with using a lever that is convenient, letting you access your vehicle’s back, and also the ZipSecure system that is special provides security. Be aware this stand also has technology to maintain bicycles.

Swagman XTC Cross-Country

The Swagman XTC can be really actually just a bicycle rack designed to carry throughout traveling. It sports a wheel stirrup on each side (2 per bike) using individual tie straps each stirrup, in addition to a locking hook each bike. Be aware that the hook fits within the wheel, perhaps maybe not within the frame of this bike. It’s covered to stop damage or any contact . Be aware that the stirrups might be adjusted to fit various tire sizes.

The XTC can take cycles sized 20 into 29-inches (wheel sizes), and may hold up to 3-5 pounds per bike for a total of 70 lbs in power. Be aware this rack may fit 1.25 along with 2-inch hitches. Probably one of the characteristics with the stand would be that your arms.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch

System hanging to produce our list, even the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch can be actually really just a performer. It includes loads of room for as many as four bicycles, every one which includes its own very own cradles. The stand includes the advanced tie of Allen Sport to secure bicycles throughout transit. Be aware this rack just functions with jelqing hitches (Class III and Class IV). Setup takes only minutes, and also the stand slides in to the hitch in your car. It contrasts with bolt and a nut.

The arms fold out of the way If not being used. When fully loaded, the stand tilts out with all the elimination of the snare, giving you entry to your vehicle’s back. It’s also created from steel, comes with a powder coated finish, and includes a life time warranty. Be aware that some assembly is necessary, however, the various tools needed boat.

Bike Rack Buying Guide

Having a bike can be actually really just a fantastic experience. It is possible to choose your bike anywhere just. If you’d like to go afield together with it, then you will have to get a means to transport your bicycle onto your own car or truck with you.

Bike racks enable one to do that, however there are lots of fashions available on the current marketplace, plus so they are perhaps not. With that said, you are considering having one installed, or else if your car or truck includes a trailer hitch, afterward the hitch bike rack would be the simplest.

What’s Just Really a Hitch Bike Rack?

When you’ve never bought a bike rack or you are only beginning to explore your choices, then it’s possible to feel frustrated. There are many bike rack type s available on the current marketplace, including sparetire racks, truck racks, hitch racks, roof racks, plus much more. Every sort of stand will be offering advantages and drawbacks, also is different from the remainder. What is just really a hitch bike rack?

That is not anything over a bike rack that attaches to the trailer hitch of a vehicle. You put in the stand, and take away the ball hitch. They lock into place using bolt and a nut, in addition to safety chains. Based upon the version you buy also it may possibly be straight. It might hold three two, and sometimes four bicycles based on capacities and its own settings.

The majority of the racks have set saddles for resting straps together with lock down tabs that permit one to guarantee the bicycles, in addition to on the framework of each bike. Some usage Velcro in addition.

Additionally you will realize there are advanced and basic hitch bike racks available on the marketplace. The simplest racks enable one to hold your bike along with you safely, but might possibly avoid access into this tailgate or automobile of the motor car or truck. Heightened models supply a swingout quality which lets you fold down the rack or on the side and that means it’s possible to get into the tailgate, rear or back door of the car or truck.

Therefore you are aware exactly just very well what a hitch bike rack would be, why do you opt for this style within some thing? Considering the fact that we now have a number of kinds of bike racks available on the current market, making this a much better choice compared to some thing different?

Exactly why a Hitch Bike Rack?

Why think about a hitch bike rack, as opposed to the usual roof-mounted bike rack, or even perhaps a strapon stand that suits round the rear part of one’s car or truck? There are in fact a few reasons which hitch bike racks will be the greater choice.

Carrying a number of Bikes: Among the main reasons to look at a hitch bike rack, as opposed to the usual roof rack, a sparetire rack, or perhaps even a truck stand is you can carry numerous bicycles at exactly the exact same moment. Yes types of rack could take up to two bicycles at the same time, but that the limit. You’ll come across quite a few of hitch racks available on the marketplace which may take three, and sometimes maybe four bicycles at once, each without setting the rack at threat of attaining its maximum load capability.

No Worries about Loose Straps: Many kinds of bike rack require connectors to fasten the stand into the car or truck. That is very true or on the end of one’s own back. These processes are as stable which you utilize to hook them. A retractable ring, or harm to a ring supporting the securement hook, and can spell disaster for the bicycles, and may also lead to an accident if the worst happen as you are on the street.

Maintain your car or truck Clearance exactly Exactly the same: Roof stands permit one to take two bicycles, however they’re required to stay a vertical posture. That may add a few feet into the peak of one’s automobile, which might place you in peril of encountering low-clearance hurdles, especially with restaurant drive through lanes and so on.

No necessity to Split Bikes: Many distinctive bike rack styles in the marketplace ask that you take at the front wheel of the bike away so as to fasten it within the stand (we’re considering youpersonally, roof racks). This takes more commitment, in addition to the hassle of keeping the wheels in your motor car or truck. A hitch bike rack lets you just slip your bicycles over the rack, then strap them place, lock down it and move.

Optimize Bed Space: if you have a truck, then odds are good you have at the least contemplated investing in a bed bike rack. All these are choices, letting you take your bicycles vertical. But it can expel crucial storage distance for some different items, such as your own bag. That is very true for briefer bed sockets, or people who have in-bed tool boxes, in-bed storage boxes and much more. A hitch bike rack lets you maximise the usage of your truck bed whilst carrying out your bike (or bicycles ) where you would like to proceed.

Because you can observe from the aforementioned mentioned info, you can find tons of reasons to look at choosing a hitch bike rack, in the place of some other form of stand on the industry. But, you will find both positive and negative reasons for having those racks, plus it’s necessary to get to a purchase with your eyes available. Below, we will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of hitch bike racks generally.

Pros and Cons of Hitch Bike Racks

Hitch bike racks provide rugged bicycle carrying capability. They are able to fit on trucks, trucks, SUVs, mini vans, and on passenger cars at a few cases. But, there are numerous benefits and drawbacks to those racks, also it’s really essential that you’re ready to generate a precise decision based on all of the applicable info.

  • Frequently more secure than other Kinds of bike rack
  • Simplest setup
  • Effortless to load and unload bicycles
  • Could transmit more bicycles than Other rack choices
  • broad Assortment of styles available to match your particular requirements, budget and automobile
  • High Level performance with some racks permits accessibility to tailgates/trunks/rear doorways
  • Strong and durable enough for regular usage
  • for Sale in both hanging and stage fashions
  • could Be Costly, especially for bigger capability racks, or racks using much more innovative attributes
  • Requires Your automobile has a Tow-hitch
  • Just operational with Class II and greater hitches (no Class I)
  • Bikes frequently influence back and forth, and impacting your trip and managing caliber
  • Lowcost, fundamental racks can Keep You from utilizing your back, tailgate or hatch door

Because you may observe, you will find just two positive items, in addition to some possible pitfalls. It is vital to appreciate that while you can find a few probable downsides, they really do not apply to each usage situation. As an example, you might not have any trouble adjusting to your length that is larger vehicle. You will drive a vehicle having a hitch supplied by the manufacturer or your merchant, and you might not count much in your own rearviewmirror at the first location.

Best Brands of Hitch Bike Racks

For several consumer purchases, the name behind the item is well-known. For example, the majority of individuals are knowledgeable about company names such as Nike and Apple, or Samsung and HP. Yet, that intimacy stinks in regards to not as frequently purchased items. Odds are good you have no idea any one of those titles associated in hitch bike rack fabricating, less that businesses are considered on peak of the business, which ones have been thought of”funding” options. Several of the manufacturers at hitch bike rack fabricating That You Need to know comprise the following:

  • Thule
  • Kuat
  • Yakima
  • Saris
  • Critical Cycles
  • Swagman
  • Allen Sports
  • Hitch Bike Rack FAQs

As you may possibly not be conscious of the hitch bike rack brands available on the current marketplace, odds are good you have a number of questions as soon as it involves sorting through your options, these stands operate, and much more. Within this part, we will handle a few of their most often asked questions regarding hitch-based bike racks.

Q. Could I make work with of a hitch bike rack with out a trailer hitch?

A. No. There is A hitch demanded. The fantastic thing is that hitches might be purchased from many licensed dealerships, in addition to through after market vendors.

Q. Could I utilize a Class I hitch?

A. No, you can’t work with a Class I grapple with almost any bike rack. They might require a minimum of a Class II hitch. That is a result of the tongue capacity of a Class I snore (200 pounds ) Is the maximum ).

Q. Just how do I know what type my vehicle’s hitch is?

A. you ought to have the ability to locate this data in your owner’s manual, however the feasibility might additionally possess the class evaluation on a postage printed or published onto a decal.

Q. Can I require a special adapter to utilize these racks together along with my own hitch?

A. Provided that you own a Class II or greater hitch, then you ought not require a port to utilize a hitch-based bike rack. As manufacturer grants may vary this might well not be true in most instances. When in doubt, seek advice from documentation and your rack instructions.

Q. Will the bicycles obstruct my brake lights or license plate?

A. It is likely they are going to. This will be dependent on the dimensions and range of bicycles you’re currently transporting, as opposed to anything todo with the stand. Racks have been made in order they don’t block license plates lights, however frames bike wheels and pedals might possibly accomplish this.

Q. Can be a stage stand better, or if I buy a dangling bike rack?

A. Neither is”much better” than another. It is dependent upon what you require. Racks just take two bicycles, also certainly will require more to be carried by extenders. Hanging racks may take just two based upon model, your make and power of this stand under consideration.

Q. What’s the weight limitation of the bike rack?

A. This changes from bike rack into bike rack. It ought to be said from the documentation which was included with your bike rack.

Q. will there be a warranty on my bike rack?

A. Most bike racks usually do include some warranty coverage, but this fluctuates somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of these racks that are top quality arrive with life time guarantees.

Q. Can there be a hitch bike rack style which may fulfill every bicycle I would own?

A. No, there’s not. Some stand styles are far better suited to particular kinds of bicycles, and a few bicycles should not be (or even cannot be) transported on specific fashions or bike rack. You need to be certain that the stand is really capable of carrying out your motorcycle.

Q. Can I must drill holes in my own car to mount the stand?

A. Nothe stand needs to mount into your current hitch. There ought to not be a requirement for drilling or another sort of adjustment.

Q. Is my vehicle in a position to own a hitch installed onto it?

A. this can be dependent on your particular make and version. Maybe perhaps not most them can, although vehicles could possess a trailer hitch installed through an automobile shop that is after market. It’s ideal to test with a knowledgeable mechanic.

Most Significant Factors When Purchasing a Hitch Bike Rack

That you may have concerning hitch bike racks, it is the right time to think about a few of the regions of contrast, features and selling points from those racks. Below, weresearch a few of what you will have to understand to make an educated purchase and’ll explain each.

Kind and Design: as you may decided a hitch-style bike rack would be the ideal choice, you must still choose the true kind of this stand you may fundamentally purchase. There are 3 types available on the industry. All these are stage (a”tray” holds your bicycles secure in traveling ), dangling (the bicycles hang suspended out of arms with their eyeglasses ), and also wheel just (the bike will be suspended by the wheels, and not the framework ).

Bike Types: you’ll want to be certain the rack you’re looking at can suit the kind of bicycle (so ) you have. Women’s bicycles and kids’ bicycles might need adapters with several of those hanging racks available on the industry, although As an example, a men’s bike will fit on any sort of stand. There’s also the risk that you’ve got a bike with a carbon fiber framework, that may be damaged by dangling out of the arms of a rack.

Weight: The burden of this rack is also an equally important factor for all reasons, however, most especially for removal and installation. How thick is your stand you’re thinking about? Could you eliminate it and put in it? Can it be light enough to keep away from rear or the back of your motor car or truck?

Hitch Size: Many hitch bike racks needs to fit you to two-inch receiver. For those who have a bigger receiver (a Course V as an example ), then you might require an adapter, or you else may have to look at buying an alternative rack. It may be easier to get another kind of stand alone For those who own a Class I multitask.

Bike Ability: Just how many bicycles are the stand adapt? You own plenty of choices When it’s just you also one additional individual, or you. In the event that you are taking bicycles for the entire family, your choices are limited.

Folding/Storage/Additional Characteristics: What additional benefits and features does the stand offer? you are able to get the trunk/tailgate/rear doorway does this fold taken care of? Does this possess pads to secure your bike’s framework ? What sets the stand?

Recommendations to Follow When Searching for Hitch Bike Racks

We’ve covered a fantastic deal to date, by replying your frequently asked questions to offering you a summary of important considerations to make when purchasing a stand, as well as why a hitch bike rack may be better for your needs than some many the others. But, there are a few essential advice you ought to remember when doing your research. These can help make certain you aren’t just able to obtain an excellent bike rack, however, you’re ready to create.

Purchase More Than You Desire: It is always a good idea to purchase a rack marginally larger than that which you imagine is definitely needed. If you are thinking of a more one-bike rack, go. If you should be contemplating a carrier that is three-bike, go. This helps to ensure you have dinning room. You will discover that the capacity leaves your bicycles packed. Even a small amount of distance isn’t really just a thing that is terrible.

Know Your Own Payload Ability: When adding a bike rack for your automobile, you want to begin paying closer attention to a complete payload capacity. For example, by including a rack and four folks, and of their luggage, you could be put beyond exactly what your own car is rated to take. Know your limits and also.
Consistently base your paychecks buy in your own car or truck’s towing capacity, in addition to the paychecks’s allowable tongue . Both of these amounts will establish a fantastic deal and whether the stand stays up.

For those who own a bike that’s shaped unusually, or that’s more than 1 seat (tandem) or a extra-long framework, it could require special attention to be hauled. Based upon your bike, you could have to think about a roof stand, as opposed to the usual hitch rack.
Many hanging bike racks just fasten the framework of this bike to the stand. This will leave as you are riding, the tires liberated to twist along with the handlebars to show. It’s intelligent to get in bungee cords or tie straps to stop motion.
Many bicycles don’t fit well on dangling bike racks. Examine your bike until your afternoon arrives to package and leave, if at all you can. Based upon the circumstance, you might require simply a port to enable the dangling arm to suit the frame that is thinner.


In the long run, whether you select a stage style, dangling style, or platform/wheel style stand, every one of those options we’ve recorded above offers you the capability to safely and securely transfer your bike(s) anywhere you wish to proceed. They truly are great for families going outside to get his or her yearly vacation and excited to attract their bicycles in addition, but work equally well for camping trips, or only a weekend off with the bicycles.

With this stage, you need to really have the information required to start choosing the hitch bike rack to suit your requirements. Describe just exactly how many bicycles you ought to transfer, then decide whether framework Con Tact is a terrible thing (it’s ok for metal framework bicycles, however carbonfiber frames need additional care and security ). You can also need to think about how crucial it is you are ready to get into the, and also the of one’s automobile your bicycles weigh.

Based on that advice, you can begin comparing your choices. While we’ve presented 10 of their hitch bike rack options you can find lots of others around using features, benefits and motorcycle capabilities. Just a time spent assessing your options might yield results that are positive in the event that you choose something different than a few.

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