Greetings!! This is may be the first time you are going through my writing! For the sake of both of us it’s necessary to be introduced. I’m Howard Taylor, the man behind the roadbikesly. I don’t say that I’m a crazy bike rider, but it’s true that I love biking! As well, I love to find out the best road bikes for me, my friends and fellow riders. It’s like an addiction to me, you can say!

You know, everybody feels it better to inform and share what he knows to others. I’m not an exception, and I always fond of sharing my comfort and risk experiences of cycling, achieved through more than last 7 years, with all closer to me and with others.

I with my few other teammates do review road bikes in this online platform and share my experiences so that people can get the necessary ideas related to road bikes. Thus, they can be assured of selecting the best and suitable road bikes for them.

Why Did I Create Roadbikesly

At the very first of my cycling life I was totally unknown to the facts of a road bike which should have been taken into consideration while buying a road bike. I felt it very hard. I was in a serious dilemma that I couldn’t decide at that time; rather I had to wait for more than 3 months! True to say, the first bike I bought was very poor in quality. This was the basic reason I decided to do something so that I could delete the dilemma and make people well known of the issues and ideas to check out better and suitable road bikes for them. I thought distinctively and finally came into the decision of using online platform and created this roadbikesly.com to reach more people than I could do by direct sharing.

Your Benefit Here

Well, this is actually a relative matter that how you can be benefited. But the real matter is, you will be definitely benefited more or less in any way if you are a perfect and suitable road bike seeker for you and your closers.

In my website I suggest best & suitable road bikes for you considering & reviewing the features, performance, pros & cons of different road bikes. I try to provide comparisons between different road bikes for your better understanding so that you will be capable of choosing the best one suitable for you with the maintenance information. If you can follow the reviews and other information given here, you can never be misdirected and thus you can be well benefited.

You Can Also Contribute

The reviews and other road bike or accessories related explanation given in this website are well researched and high quality. My motto is not to compromise with the quality issues.

However, it’s true that nothing is beyond mistake. And for some products we research for a shorter period. But, you might be a long time user of any specific road bike and other accessories. So, you might know better than us in that respect, and assist us providing your experience. You can send us detailed reviews, recommendations and comment. I will highly glad to get such supports from you and I will feature these on my site.

Covered Issues

  • Road Bike Reviews
  • Road Bike Accessories Reviews
  • Road Bike Components Reviews
  • Considerable Things Justification
  • Road Bike Market Analysis, etc.

Get Connected

I know the pain of wastage of money, because we all are not million dollar man. That’s why I won’t stop providing best quality new road bike reviews as much as I can, so that all of you can get the latest ideas regarding latest road bikes. Thus, you can get rid of misdirection & money wastage. So please stay connected with me and feel free to email me using this contact page. I will try my level best to reply each of your mail and help you with any road bike issue.You can follow me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and Youtube and get yourself connected to the new reviews and updates of road bike related issues.

Howard Taylor
Founder, Roadbikesly

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