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Best Road Bikes Under 1000 Dollars in 2017 

It’s time to think fresh! Explore the roads with utmost fun by your desired bike!

There are many new arrivals of road bikes in the market this year. Many bikes have come as updated version of its previous one. And still, there are many bikes which have already got enormous user satisfaction reports. These are literally evergreen choices. Bring everything under considerations; here I’m with a list of the best road bikes under 1000 dollars in 2017.

For each bike, here you will get the specific product review including buying tips. If you are passionate about biking, then you will find this review list worthy. It won’t be a problem if you have a nominal idea on road bike issues. Everything as a whole will help you find out the best option for you.

Best Road Bikes Under $1000 – Comparison

I know it’s confusing to find out the best road bike because it’s not universal- it’s personal. But the things you should have to consider before buying a road bike are obviously universal. As said above, taking everything into consideration a list has been made. Let's see with comparison-


Bike Name

Frame Material



Read Review

gmc denali road bike 100x100px

GMC Denail Road Bike


21 Speed

Alloy Caliper

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike 100x100px

Giordano Libero Men’s Road Bike


16 Speed

Linear Pull

vilano aluminum road bike 21 speed shimano road bike 100x100px

Vilano Aluminum Shimano Road Bike


21 Speed

Alloy Caliper

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike 100x100px

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike


Single Speed

Alloy Side Pull

schwinn phocus 1600 road bike 100x100px

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bike

Carbon Fiber

16 Speed

Alloy Caliper

vilano shadow road bike 100x100px

Vilano Shadow Road Bike


14 Speed

Alloy Caliper

vilano forza 4.0 road bike 100x100px

PUBLIC M7i Mixte Style Step-Over City Bike


24 Speed

Alloy Caliper

schwinn phocus 1400 road bike 100x100px

Schwinn Phocus 1400 Road Bike


14 Speed

Alloy Caliper

kestrel legend 105 road bike 100x100px

Kestrel Legend 105 Road Bike

Carbon Fiber

11 Speed

Tektro Dual Pivot

merax 21 speed road bike 100x100px

Merax 21 Speed 700c Road Bike


21 Speed

Alloy Caliper

Recommended Best Road Bikes Under $1000 - Reviews

You have seen the list of top road bikes. Here is the brief review of each selected best road bike under $1000. Hope you will find a bullet idea. Let's go through it-

1 . GMC Denali Road Bike

gmc denali road bike

Editor's Rating :

The GMC Denali Road Bike is the top choice in this list due to balance between structure, features, performance, price range, and user satisfaction feedback.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

It’s a lightweight aluminum frame made 21- speed bike that measures 22.5” frames, which is very suitable for daily use. It’s well structured and comfortable to ride.

Aerodynamic Riding Position

The user can obtain an aerodynamic position while riding because of drop bars complemented with Vitesse racing rims and Kenda 700C racing tires. Thus the user gets the benefit of refraining from back pains & other injuries. You will be capable of getting where you are moving if you think to catch this bicycle.

Effective Shimano Parts

The Shimano parts are well standard and thus your bike is more effective and efficient. Overall, this is a stylish, easily affordable, strong & less weighty bike fit for fulfilling different needs of the riders.


  • Great speed variation
  • Upright comfortable riding
  • ​Safe caliper braking
  • Well traction


  • Sometimes crank is wobbled

End Note

It will make you feel really satisfied that you have bought something more than worthy when you compare the bike to the received services from it after you purchase. Though, you may think that the wheels could have been much better, pads seem to be of poor, and the force to pull on the brake handles is too high. You are right! But, these are minor compared to the other features and received services. So, I think you can have a check.

2 . Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike is a unique road bike has been designed very carefully targeting efficiency, durability & safety.

Quality Frame and Fork

The frame is made of 6061 Aluminum that makes the bike very light in weight but strong ultimately. The front forks are made of high-tensile strength steel to increase its’ strength. Thus the bike becomes more shock-absorbing in gravel roads especially.

Speed Variation

An integrated 16 speeds Shimano drive-train will help you to ride your bicycle along various roads through varying the speed. The tires together with the lightweight rims contribute increasing Giordano Libero 1.6’s overall speed.

Size and Affordability

The bike has three categories; one is small, another is medium and the other one is large. You are lucky enough to get a road bike like Giordano Libero 1.6 at an affordable price range.


  • Light yet strong
  • Efficient, safe and durable
  • ​Replaceable derailleur hanger
  • Rough road fit wheels


  • Low tire quality
  • Assembly complication reported

End Note

Buying the Giordano Libero 1.6 road bike means you are going to get the best road commuting experience. Amazingly it’s an affordable bike and obviously an ideal bike both for beginners and experts. It's necessary to point it out that if you're looking for a commuter go for it. It will be amazing! If much speed is what you want, just spend a little more money.

3 . Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

If you are pretty new to road biking or searching one of the best entry level road bikes for you or someone else, then the Vilano Aluminum Bike 21 Speed Shimano is a great choice for you.

Good Fit for Riders

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is a very popular bike all over the world irrespective of professional or fresh biker. The professional greatly refers this bike for the fresher.

Tubular Frame and Drop-Bar Configuration

It's made of very lightweight aluminum. At the same time the bike has strength & durability for its aluminum made frame. The Tubular Aluminum Frame and Drop Bar configuration make the bike utmost stronger. This structure has made the bike incredibly shock absorbing!

Other worthy Significance

This bike is undoubtedly trendy and attractive in look! The placement of gear shifters in the center of the handlebar horizontal column is a significant characteristic of this bike. And, you will get all at a very affordable price range.


  • Standard gear shifting
  • Good alloy caliper braking
  • ​Convenient assembly
  • Fast gear picking and quick


  • Narrower seat

End Note

With these effective features and performance, despite of a very few cons, Vilano Aluminum Shimano is a perfect choice especially for the beginners. After you use it, if you don't think it necessary to upgrade the tires and seat, you will feel your spent money exactly valued.

4 . Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

Single speed road bike is popular to many of the riders, especially to the fresher. It has many user (new) friendly advantages. People who know a bit about branded single speed road bike, they must have known about the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike.

Strong Alloy Materials

As the main parts of this bike is alloy materials made (stronger as well as lighter than single material), so the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is undoubtedly stronger in structure.

The steel made tubular frame and forks make the bike a little bit heavy, but lightweight alloy materials compensate that a lot. The TIG welded joints make the bike high stress absorbing and protected from an easy fracture.

Lightweight Rims and Tires

The rims of Takara Kabuto are produced from a lightweight alloy which has Alloy hubs & 32 spokes. Tires are of 700cx32 wide Kenda yellow or black. As per our analysis, it’s a good match. You will find the rims performing smartly with the tires.

Eye Catching Color

The bike has distinct color schemes. The sleek black and yellow colored bike definitely pops at night! Even you can choose the green or blue. Honestly speaking, I like the blue one though the yellow one is more eye catching.


  • Firm construction
  • Comfortable riding
  • ​Durable and pressure taking tires
  • Unique color schemes


  • Brake quality can be upgraded

End Note

Here in this list there is only one single speed road bike; it’s Takara Kabuto! I think you can easily understand how much effective this bike is especially for the beginners. But, going downhill on this bike may sometime reveal the frame's unwillingness to handle high speed appropriately. You may feel your brakes need to be upgraded. Otherwise, it's really pretty good. It’s quite affordable and well-performing.

5 . Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bike

schwinn phocus 1600 Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bike with its carbon fiber frame is planned and made in an upright manner so that you can ride as much as you can with enhanced comfort.

Sturdiness and Comfort

The carbon fiber frame not only assures the best comfort but also assures the full sturdiness of bike. The saddle is softly tailored and padded to assure your utmost comfort throughout every ride you take.

Steady Braking System

The bike has a unique and really strong and steady braking system. The Promax dual pivot alloy caliper brakes are perfect match for road commuting. For your riding as well as for other road users, it’s like a boosted safety. 

Easier Assembly

The bike comes partly assembled. You require a very minimal assembling of this bike without any help from a master assembler. If you are too new in biking, then you may seek the help of an expert.

All-Surface and All-Purpose Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1600 truly is suitable to drive through all types of surfaces and it’s specially designed for personal riding & casual training. No one should thus doubt its position as a best road bike under 1000 dollars.


  • Steady and highly adjustable
  • Micro shift integrated shifting
  • ​Gives the rider reflexes like a cat
  • Good for both paths & trails


  • No gear indicator
  • Poor quality pedal straps

End Note

For perfect exercises and other personal uses Schwinn Phocus 1600 is far ahead off and incomparable to any other identical bike. It’s unique with its features and performances as reported. Unless you feel you need to replace the pedals for the cracking noise, it's undoubtedly a great choice.

6 . Vilano Shadow Road Bike

vilano shadow road bike

Editor's Rating :

For a new biker the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is an easy and suitable one. If you see the huge number of user remarks in different online retailer sites you will be literally overwhelmed about the quality and performance of this bike.

Beginner Friendly Shimano Parts

Shimano is an exceptionally respected name in the world of biking, so this one gets a major thumb up for utilizing Shimano parts. The integrated Shimano brake lever shifters of this bike make gear shifting easier for the beginner.

Durable and Steady Structure

The lightweight yet sturdy frame and thread-less 700c1 1/8” fork make the bike steadier. The bike is thus very strong and durable.

Speed Variation

The Vilano shadow is a 14-speed aluminum road bike. You can upgrade time to time to one with more speeds.

3 Sizes

The bike has 3 different sizes- the small, medium & large consecutively of 50cm, 54cm and 58cm. So, there is an option for almost all category bike users.


  • Looks and rides great
  • Light and solid structure
  • ​Easy tune components
  • Easy and comfortable shifting


  • Not enough padded seat
  • Complication in brake assembly

End Note

With its significant shifting mechanism and other features, this bike is obviously a good choice to buy at this specified range. If you can manage the seat with necessary padding and accept the brake assembly complication easily, then you will have no other problem with this bike. You will feel the worth aesthetic value of this bike after purchase.

7. PUBLIC M7i Mixte Style Step-Over City Bike

PUBLIC M7i Mixte Style Step-Over 7-Speed Bike

Editor's Rating :

If you think of a stylish and dependable bike at a quite affordable price to use all around your city, then the Public Mi7 road bike can be the perfect choice for you! This bike is made stylish, multi-functional and versatile. It’s a well match especially for the women; and men can ride on it easily too. Let’s go through few issues about the bike.

Impact Resistant Frame

For a beginner’s bike the frame must be tough and durable as it goes through much rough and wrong handling most of the time by the rider. The 4130 chromoly Mixte style steel frame of this bike grants that much durability required for a beginner bike. The frame’s power to resist impact is quite good. You might say that it’s a bit heavy, but it override the weight by its strength and durability.

Comfortable Upright Ride

If you a bike lover, I believe you have heard about the classic French Mixte bike design. This one is the modernization of that classic design. The unique ‘Step Up’ design makes it really an awesome choice for the beginners whether they are men or women. It will provide you a much comfortable and relaxed riding position with the upright handlebars. The chainguard and matching color fenders will assist you to keep your clothes dry and clean.

Safety Issues

In order to ensure all-condition safe and reliable braking, you will get the bike adorned with the modern dual pivot brakes. The puncture resistant smooth rolling 700c commuter tires decorated with reflective sidewalls provide additional visibility and safety while riding at night. They can handle curbs and potholes easily.

Easy Shifting Hub

When you are pedaling for stop-and-go ride around the town, the internally geared Shimano Nexus 7 speed rear hub is specifically helpful on that time. You can shift the Nexus gear even when you are sitting still. The hub has a low-slack chain fall off rarely; and it’s sealed to resist elements and damage.

Stylish Colors and Sizes

The M7i has 3 unisex colors - mint, royal blue, and classic cream. It has two sizes- for riders 5'0" to 5'6" tall is the small/medium (18.5-inch), and for riders 5'7" to 6'0" tall is the medium/large (20.5-inch).

Professional Assembly Required

Like other bikes of Public this Mi7 road bike is also shipped partially assembled. So far we observed and as stated by the manufacturer, the bike should be taken to a local bike shop for rest assembly and fine tuning as it requires a professional mechanic. In order to get safe and top-notch ride, the bike needs professional assembly.


  • Stylish, practical, and dependable
  • Durable and impact resistant frame
  • ​Traction, pot holes, and bumps responsive tires
  • Unique and trendy ‘Step Up’ design


  • Complicated assembly

End Note

The start-up ‘Public Bikes’ is comparatively pretty new to its competitor bike brands. But, amazingly it’s doing really well in business by good numbers of worthy bikes. Another good thing is, the manufacturer is literally honest in their production and claiming. There is no serious flaw that we found thorough our analysis except the assembly complication; and it’s initially expressed by the manufacturer. So, you can trust this bike for you or for your girl.

8 . Schwinn Phocus 1400 Road Bike

schwinn phocus 1400 Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

The Schwinn Phocus 1400 is made from 58 cm Schwinn Road Aluminum Frame with high standard alloy rims, which is lightweight as well as very strong. These rims finally paired with spokes ensure your ride smooth and steady, even on rough paths.

Expedient Quick Release Feature

The bike also has an expedient quick release feature. The saddle is another convenient feature which is worth mentioning because it has a quick release system for easy and simple height adjustments.

Gear Mechanism

It has an easily adjustable gear mechanism composed of 14-speed rear derailleur & Shimano A050 bar-mount shifters which can be altered to outfit your riding speed.

Other Mind-blowing Features

The bike has Kenda 700C narrow high-pressure tires capable of minimizing rolling resistance and drop handlebar that placing the rider in a position of aerodynamic riding collectively makes the ride easy and comfortable. It’s easy storage in congested spaces.

Alooy Caliper Brakes

The Phocus 1400 has Promax alloy caliper road brakes that ensure the riders of the bike safety and protection all times while riding. Users have appreciated the brakes except the brake levers.


  • Full comfort sitting
  • Smooth shifting
  • ​Powerful Braking Mechanism
  • Easy storage


  • Assembly complication
  • Updated brake levers required

End Note

Being a well-structured drop bar road bike, Schwinn Phocus 1400 can satisfy the users with its great numbers of user-friendly applications. Other than the flaws mentioned above this bike has nothing much negative to mention. It’s an ideal bike for road trailing and workout.

9 . Kestrel Legend 105 Road Bike

kestrel legend 105 Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

Kestrel Legend 105 is one of the best road bikes I have ever ridden. It’s a bit more expensive than our specified price limit. But it’s that bike deserves to be listed here only for its’ special and unique features and utility.

Hybrid Carbon Fiber Material

It is a very sturdy road bike. The bike is made from the blend of both the 800k and 700k enhanced modulus hybrid carbon fiber. Thus the frame is stiffer than other same category bikes.

Different areas of the frame are molded with inner polyurethane molds and the EPS foam mold. Both of them enhance the rigidity and performance of the bike.

Oval Concept Drivetrain

Kestrel Legend 105’ Road bike’s drivetrain is strategically equipped with oval concepts containing compact crank sets of 520 Alloy 52/36T. To assist and increase the power of this workhorse, 11-speed Shimano 105 is added.

Control over the Speeds

The Legend 105 also contains 327 wheels’ Oval Concepts wrapped in a heavy-duty Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick rubber. This bike has Shimano 105 STI shifters & derailleurs with Tektro Dual Pivot brakes that help you in controlling the speed predictably as well as safely.


  • Unique oval concepts
  • Strongly and stiffly built
  • ​High shock absorption
  • Low priced in comparison to other bikes like it


  • Assembly may require professional hand

End Note

Though you may be concerned about a bit more high pricing of this bike, but I’m in love with this bike. It’s beautiful in everything- structures, durability, responsiveness, other features and performance. I myself would love to recommend this bike as the first choice.

10 . Merax 21 Speed 700c Road Bike

merax 21 speed 700c Road Bike

Editor's Rating :

The Merax 21 Speed 700c is aluminum made bike. The aluminum has made the bike amazingly lightweight yet sturdy. At the same time it’s comfortable. The bike is a combination of comfort, strength and durability.

Multipurpose Bike

The light weight makes the bike smoother and one of the best choices for speed. You can use this bike for several of your purposes- professional riding, general commuting, exercising etc.

Incredible Drivetrain

The Merax 21 Speed 700c has an incredible Drivetrain. It contains front and rear Shimano Derailleurs as well as smooth, easily changeable Shimano thumb shifters.

Alloy Caliper brakes

This road bike also has the safe alloy calipers for an extensive braking performance that is worth mentioning.


  • High quality starter bike components
  • Multiple purpose serving
  • Good braking system
  • Worthy riding performance


  • A few gears may not work

End Note

To finish to say, it's is an all-rounder bike and give the users ultimate comfort and utmost performance.  Actually if you look at the price tag of this bike, you will get astonished about how good it is as compared to the price.

Best Road Bikes Under 1000 Dollars – Considerations

If you have a plan to buy smart and best affordable bikes within your range, you must consider few issues carefully. The considerable things are discussed below. These are well researched.

Best Road Bikes Under 1000 Dollars – Considerations


Just after deciding to buy a road bike, you should think your financial budget limit. The amount you can spend on your road bike incredibly determines the choice of your bike. You should see the reviews of road bikes priced below $1000 to get one of the best bikes at this range.


There are many bikes that have no brand at all, and undoubtedly buying this is a matter of unwritten risk. Different less familiar brands are just re-badge versions of more popular branded bicycles.

A well-known and common brand is an important display of quality control. So, always try to focus on a well-known brand to buy a road to avoid bad things in glossy package.

Frame Material

Road bikes can be made from 4 types of materials- Steel, Aluminum, Carbon, and Titanium. You need to decide which frame you want to see in your bike. The Steel is sturdy and lower expensive but heavy. Carbon and Titanium are most strong and durable but expensive.

On the other hand, Aluminum is very lightweight, strong and cheap than other frame materials. Aluminum is the most common frame material used nearly in every road bikes below 1000 price tag.

Frame Sizing

Frame Size (Top Tube)

Rider’s Height


Feet and Inches


47 - 48

4'10"- 5'

148 - 152

49 -50

5' - 5'3"

152 - 160

51 - 53

5'3" - 5'6"

160 - 168

54 - 55

5'6" - 5'9"

168 - 175

56 - 58

5'9" - 6'

175 - 183

59 - 60

6' - 6'3"

183 - 191

61 - 63

6'3" - 6'6"

191 - 198


You must choose the bike with an upright geometry for your better riding. There are different types of geometries like the sport geometry, race geometry, flat bar geometry etc. Depending on your own desire and suitability choose carefully.


A drivetrain includes front chain rings, chains, crank arms, gear shifters, derailleurs, cassette etc. You can pick your drivetrain from the main 3 producers- Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM. SRAM is the most expensive and Campagnolo is the cheapest. Shimano is medium range and mostly used drivetrain for any quality bike below $1000.

Other Components

You should also consider other components like wheels (hubs, rims, spokes, axles). Low-quality components with an aluminum frame are comparatively lower performing. On the other hand, quality components with carbon frame are definitely better in performance.

But, a combination of aluminum frame and mid-range components is most common if you think to buy a bike without crossing the $1000 limit. You must not ignore the brakes and suspension also.

Users Feedback

There are a great number of serious bike fans like myself who purchase, ride, manufacture, and review bikes from everywhere. Read users feedback from online retailers, blog reviews, forum posts etc. for a better realization of the bikes you’re searching for.

No doubt, it’s very common but one of the most helpful way of better understanding about the bike or bikes you are planning to buy.

Final Thoughts

As you see that buying a road bike is not a light issue. It’s a long-term investment. So, you need to be careful. The above list of 10 best road bikes under 1000 will show you a path to find your choice.

If anybody asks me to identify the top 3 road bikes from the listed 10 here, it will be obviously tricky and hard task for me. Maybe I will laugh at and try to avoid answering technically.

If I fail to avoid and I have no other way but answer, then I will say- Kestrel Legend 105, Schwinn Phocus 1600, and PUBLIC M7i Bike gradually as my top 3 choices.

Hope now you will get the most suitable road bike for you.. Good luck!